Every year nearly 100,000 Minnesotans are injured in work-related accidents in Minnesota. Regardless of whether you are a store clerk, construction worker, delivery person or a nurse, a disabling injury can change your life. Under Minnesota law you are entitled to wage loss reimbursementmedical coverage (separate from health insurance), and job search assistance including retraining.

At Minnesota Disability, our office will help you deal with the road blocks built by insurance companies and assist you in solving your financial issues to ensure you have the resources to seek the medical attention you need to rebuild your life.  We have represented thousands of individuals in workers compensation cases across the state of Minnesota including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, Winona, Alexandria, International Falls, Worthington, the Twin Cities, Bemidji, St. Cloud, Willmar, Waconia and even injured workers now living outside of Minnesota.


Workers’ compensation in Minnesota is a large, complex body of law that has been interpreted over the years by many court decisions. Many people with legitimate claims are denied benefits simply because they were unaware of the rules. Do not expect your employer and the insurance companies to provide you with your rights!

Most people put off hiring a lawyer until they have a dispute with their employer or the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. However, the steps you take following your injury can have a profound and lasting effect on your entitlement to workers compensation benefits. Minnesota Disability will provide you with the tools necessary document your work injury and begin receiving benefits. Attorney Thomas Atkinson is waiting to assist you with your Minnesota Workers Compensation matters.

Minnesota Workers Compensation Secrets from a Former Insurance Company Attorney


The Social Security Disability is a program where qualifying individuals who have been injured can receive monetary compensation through the Social Security Administration. The qualifying individual must be disabled and unable to work, and the individual must have paid into the Social Security system (FICA) during a specified time period.

Obtaining Social Security benefits can be a complicated and confusing process and many times your initial claim will be denied. We can assist you in the process and help you in obtain the money the government owes you after years of personally paying into the FICA system.

At Minnesota Disability, our affiliated lawyers will help you deal with the pitfalls of the federal government disability programs and assist you in solving your financial issues to ensure you have the resources to seek the medical attention you need to rebuild your life.


If a disability claimant receives a denial of an initial claim for SSD or SSI benefits, the claimant should immediately seek representation with an attorney. Many law firms or companies claim to offer “legal assistance” when you are actually represented by non-attorney claim handlers. At Minnesota Disability an attorney represents you throughout your entire process. Our office has found that in most cases, a person who has been denied benefits at the initial claim level will also be denied at the reconsideration level without attorney representation. Let Minnesota Disability attorney Thomas Atkinson and our affiliated attorneys evaluate your claim and provide a Free Consultation.


We know that you have a choice of attorneys in our area, and Atkinson Law Office & Minnesota Disability appreciates your consideration. Our hope is that you’ll feel confident in our ability to meet all of your expectations and know that our clients are always our number one focus.  Minnesota Disability has received a reputation of providing aggressive, skilled representation from clients. You will receive a free comprehensive evaluation and strategy in representing your claims while providing personal service throughout.

To discuss your workers’ compensation case at no cost or obligation, call 651-333-3636 or fill out the contact form on this site. Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability offers home, hospital and after hour appointments. Mr. Atkinson or one of our affiliated attorneys can meet you throughout the Twin Cities or at our downtown St. Paul, MN location.

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“Listen up every employee who has suffered a work comp injury in this state!  If you think you don’t need a lawyer because everything is going fine, the adjuster is nice, and the QRC they assigned you seems to have your interest at heart; you are WRONG!  The longer you wait to hire a lawyer the more disadvantaged you become.  Thank you Tom, Marci, Gene and Cassie; I couldn’t have done it without you on my side.”

Thomas Hoaby  Anoka, MN

“It is sad but true that when people are sufficiently disabled to the point they need to apply for  benefits, they are often too afflicted to do so.   Without people like you I doubt I would have had the patience to complete the task.

Bless you, Tom and Marci, for the good work you do.”

Mary M.  Stillwater, MN


“Tom and Marci were a tremendous help in that you made it so easy for someone like me who was stressed out about it all, especially with all the little things.  I would have had a hard time relaxing enough to deal with everything effectively if you had not been so helpful.  I was very pleased with the results. Thank you.”

Dan N.  White Bear Lake, MN

“I just want to say a big “thank you” for representing me in my Social Security case. Without your help, I know that I would not have been successful.  I am very fortunate that you represented me because you have the experience and knowledge that obtained the favorable ruling”

Dana D.  St. Paul, MN

Dana D. St. Paul, MN

“I received my settlement check this weekend and I want to thank you and all of your staff for taking on this case and pursuing it to a positive conclusion.  These proceedings were not without its share of frustration but I always felt confident in my representation and your efforts to best represent me.  .  I am very pleased with the outcome and am glad it is over.”

Gary S.  St. Paul, MN


Gary St.Paul, MN

“You kicked butt.  I am so happy with my results and I couldn’t have done it with out you”

Teresa  North Branch, MN

Your aggressive handling of this work comp case was first rate. I’ve worked with other attorneys in the past but appreciated the personal attention you provided me in this matter. Thank you!

Cathy Bloomington, MN

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